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Connecting the Gulf Islands

We provide high-speed internet access to island residents and visitors via fixed wireless. Call us today at +1 (778) 402-0005.

Residential Internet Subscription Plans:

Part timer? Suspend your residential service for only $10 per month, plus rental fees if applicable.

Call +1 (778) 402-0005 to order.


email & social media

per Month

Unlimited data

  • Up to 5/1 Mbps
  • 12 Month Contract


web & light streaming

per Month

Unlimited data

  • Up to 10/2 Mbps
  • 12 Month Contract


for island residents

per Month

Unlimited data

  • Up to 25/5 Mbps
  • 12 Month Contract


when XTRA ain't enough

per Month

Unlimited data

  • Up to 50/10 Mbps
  • 12 Month Contract

Heading South?

Subscription customers enjoy access to Vacation Mode: Reduce your service charges but still access Internet-enabled smart devices like thermostats, security or video cameras for only 10 bucks a month. 

Affordable Monthly Add-ons:

Enhance your service package until it's a perfect fit with the following add-ons. 

Ubiquiti LiteBeam CPE
$10 per Month


Reduce up-front cost and always be current by renting a radio with your service plan.

Ubiquiti AirCube WiFi Router
$5 per Month


Save yourself the headache by renting your router from us and we will support it remotely.

$15 per Month


Need a static IP for secure access? Enhance your BIZ LITE or BIZ BASIC with a fixed address.

Static IP Bundle
$5 per Month


Need more upload than the average user? Double you upload speed limit with a PRO upgrade.

Self Service Portal

Our help desk is open 8am-8pm PST weekdays and 10am-8pm PST on weekends, but you can check your usage, review your charges and pay your bill at any time with our handy self service portal:

Weekend only visitor?

Pay as you Go for $25 a Month

Our PAYG Plan is for part-timers. Pay $25 for the month and enjoy 50GB of included data. If you need a little extra, you only pay $2 per GB.

Just so you know, there are

4 Good Reasons to Choose Us

We are working hard to make our Internet service the best choice for Gulf Island residents and our guests. These are just some of the things we feel that sets us apart from the competition...


Our Team

We're experienced technology services professionals backed by decades of service experience.


Our Philosophy

We're nerds, so It's fun to be in this business, but we're serious about providing the best, most reliable service we can.


Our Technology

Our service is built on reliable equipment, sourced from industry-leading providers.


Our Support

Our system monitoring never sleeps: 24 hrs a day. Seven days a week. 365 days a year.

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